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FaxYourMP.com - MP Performance Tables 2004

FaxYourMP.com is a volunteer-run not-for-profit website which helps people contact their MP quickly and responsibly. We have sent over 100,000 faxes to MPs since Dec 2000.

Since April 2002 we have been surveying all those sending faxes via FaxYourMP.com to discover how often an MP replies to a constituent's fax within 14 days.

The statistics below were collected between 8th April 2002 and 31st October 2004.

The performance data below covers all bar 57 of the 665 MPs (counting for by-elections and so on).

Faxing Better Security than email

Even though emailing may be seen easier and quicker to send an email, rather than the old fashion fax. Some security companies still fax important documents as they believe it is a more security way of sending information. How many times has the news leaked information that has been transmitted via email, and then compare this with the amount of times the news has reported ...more